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self-portrait 2I am a writer, student, and stay-at-home mother of three, stumbling through life with a form of Autism called Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, but am currently living in South Carolina with my husband of 15 years, our three sons, and our beagle.  My oldest son (13), is an Aspie as well (undiagnosed), and is currently being home-schooled.  The middle boy (8) is a live wire, and has returned to mainstream school, and my littlest guy (22 months) is pulling my hands off the keyboard as I type. This is after I have retrieved my mouse because he threw it down the air conditioning vent! Life is massively chaotic in our home and never quiet, which hugely interferes with my writing.

This is my blogging a non-fiction book in November project. It took 38 years to be properly diagnosed with autism (Asperger’s Syndrome). My book, Twirling Naked in the Streets-and no-one noticed, is about my life growing with undiagnosed autism. All of my life I was searching, trying to find a glimpse of me in the world; I found none. There were no books, no TV personalities, no friends that were like me.  No where did I see a reflection of myself in this world.  Since diagnosis all of that has changed, I now see words on pages of books that “look” like me.  I communication with others who say, “ya, that happened to me too,” and THAT has changed my life.  My only hope is that your or someone you love will see themselves on the pages of my book, and know that they are not crazy, and more importantly, they are not alone.

This is my attempt at blogging a book, and I hope you stick with me through it to the end.  Feel free to ask questions, and make comments along the way. Hard copy and e-book version will be available when the project is finished, polished, and put together.  Of course, that version will contain more “goodies.”

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8 thoughts on “About the Author

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  3. I relate to your experience because I only found out that I’m an aspie age 45, and I’d have been so much better off if I found out in childhood. How I envy aspies who find out at a very young age, the younger the better.

    It can be so confusing, knowing you’re different but not knowing why, unable to come up with a reasonable explanation. And there was no one else like me. Even people who claimed to be loners were nothing like me.

    So happy to have found out, and now in aspie blogs and forums, I see others who are like me, and I can actually relate to them and understand them.

    Love this blog.

  4. I love your word usage and the rawness of your emotional impact. Life is difficult sometimes for us all but there is definitely a different take for those with Autism–the details are often jumbled up in a different sequence or there is a hitch to what is being seen. The gift and the curse of autism all in one. Trying to help my daughter with her gifts and curses and it is like being a warrior of sorts.

    • Thank you for your kind words. It is truly a blessing and a curse most of the time. My superpower and my kryptonite, but the true is that it is who and what we are that is important, and had superman hid under a rock he could not have shown the world he could do great things. Yes, the Kryptonite can tears us down, but it comes with the territory. 🙂

  5. I have felt the same as you all my life, it was only when my own daughter showed signs of AS, my wife and I thought that’s why she is a mini me lol Your words are inspiring and I will buy your book to help me find myself. Many thanks.

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