Meeting the Cast

After writing the memoir, I began to get nostalgic and started pulling out old photos.  Then I thought, hey maybe you all would like to meet the cast.  So I’m pulling old and often embarrassing photos to begin to post and give you some faces to go with the people in the story.  I will also be looking for some old pictures of me as a child.

I have one in particular in mind, and believe me it is an embarrassing one!  I remember my mother having a picture of me at Christmas time wearing those god awful pearly framed glasses that the eye doctor prescribed for me, “as a precaution” and to help with my “allergy to the sunlight”.

I thought pulling out the old photos and sharing them might be a fun thing to do…especially in between writing projects. (I guess I am never really in-between writing projects, as I am always writing something!)

My first and favorite is from my wedding (almost 16 years ago, 1997) …and it is my favorite because it has my Grandpa in the picture (who died in 1998 while I was preggo with Aspie Teen), and it has Grandma too!

By the way, someone gave me that dress (or something that resembled it) and Grandma pulled the whole thing apart and put it back together the way she liked it and in my size!


6 thoughts on “Meeting the Cast

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