Starting a New Writing Project–Relationships

Now that I have wrapped up Twirling…Ok well it is still being wrapped up and packaged it is time to look at what is ahead.  I have already begun brainstorm for my  next project.  I have had such a great time blogging this book that I‘ve decided I am going to continue to blog what I write, as I write it.

My idea for the next project is tentatively titled, “How to Love an Autistic Woman: Tips from a NT/Aspie Marriage.”  Since none of the “normal” relationship books I’ve ever read applied to me, I thought I would go ahead and write my own.

This is the plan:  The idea is to pick several relationship topics like communication, dating, marriage, intimacy, sex…etc. and talk about them from both the autistic’s perspective (mine) and the NT’s perspective (hubby’s) to try to begin closing the gap between the two, and hopefully help others who struggle with NT/Aspie relationships.

Warning…this is going to very difficult for me. You see the idea is for hubby and I to take turns writing chapters on each subject, and since I am a complete and total control freak I will need to exercise much self-control and let him write what he feels to write—without correcting him, or telling him what he “should” say.  It may get interesting that is for sure.

So your turn…what do you all think?  Do you like the idea? Any topics in particular that are a MUST to address in this type of book?  As always I hope you all stay with me on this next journey, as your input is always appreciated and desired!

So where to start?

Oh one last thing, please bear with me if I change the theme of this blog a few times before I find something that works for the new project.  I need to figure out a way for anyone who is still reading, or wants to read Twirling…to be able to so do, without it getting all jumbled together with the next project.  I just haven’t figured out how I am going to accomplish it yet.


6 thoughts on “Starting a New Writing Project–Relationships

  1. OH, also, you asked about making it easy to navigate the book. If you go back to each chapter and put a link at the bottom to the next chapter, that will help people go through it in order, without having to search.

    • Thank you! I think there are already forward and backward arrows to each post but I think it gets tedious that way. Maybe if I separate by Chapters that would help. There are less chapters than individual posts…

  2. I love that idea! I think it should be done. Can’t wait to read it as I am struggling now with telling my partner about my issues. We’ve been together for a year and i keep running into my roadblocks, things I just can’t manage to do.. I need to explain why and am searching for the words to help him understand (as hearing I have ADHD/Autism will not exactly help him because he has no idea what these things mean

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