Tossed the Bra at the Stop Light

Hubby gets in the van and asks, “Hon…why is there a bra in here?”

Well I thought after all these years that the answer would be obvious.  I took it off and tossed it! What else would it be doing in there?

I have been becoming increasing more sensitive these days.  I am not sure if it is because of my increasing discomfort during the pregnancy, though I am sure that has something to do with it.  As I am expanding, all of my clothing,and yes undergarments, are getting tighter and more uncomfortable by the minute.

I grabbed a maternity outfit out of a bin that I had stored from my last pregnancy, quickly shoved it on and ran out the door–late to my doctor’s appointment again.  I had not worn this particular outfit very often during my last pregnancy and now I remembered why.  The shirt collar was itching, the arms hole were uncomfortable (they must have shrunk damn it!), and I was already wiggling around and tugging on it before I hopped in the car.

As I drove up the road I fidgeted some more. I was becoming increasingly cranky and began growling at the other drivers on the road.  I cursed at a woman who rudely cut me off and growled even more loudly this time.

“Mom, are you ok?” Aspie Teen asked from the passenger seat.

“No, I’m cranky.” I said.  The bra must have shrunk too because now the lace was scratching (I thought I had pulled that tag in the back off already, apparently not.) and for some reason I felt like I had something metal stabbing me in the back–and I was having trouble taking deep breaths.

“Arrrgghh, that’s it!” I yelled when I pulled up to a red light. I unhooked the back of the damn thing, pulled the straps out the sides of my sleeves, and wiggled it down over my basketball belly.  Then I signed in relief and tossed the bra into the back seat!

Aspie Teen shook his head.

It was like magic. I was free and my mood began to improve for the rest of the ride to the doctor’s.  The appointment went by without a hitch, but I am sure that I would have been irritable and agrumentative about everything had I left that thing on to scratch, stab and choke at me.

Victoria can keep her satin, lace, and metal tangs–I was done!

So back to the orginal conversation…

“Hon, why is there a bra in here?”

“What? Oh…I tossed it at the stop light.”

Hubby shakes his head and rubs his temples.

Lesson learned: When I am irritable for no reason that I can pinpoint do a clothing and comfort check, it usually reveals something that is causing my sensitivities to roar and my emotions to be overloaded.


Meeting the Cast

After writing the memoir, I began to get nostalgic and started pulling out old photos.  Then I thought, hey maybe you all would like to meet the cast.  So I’m pulling old and often embarrassing photos to begin to post and give you some faces to go with the people in the story.  I will also be looking for some old pictures of me as a child.

I have one in particular in mind, and believe me it is an embarrassing one!  I remember my mother having a picture of me at Christmas time wearing those god awful pearly framed glasses that the eye doctor prescribed for me, “as a precaution” and to help with my “allergy to the sunlight”.

I thought pulling out the old photos and sharing them might be a fun thing to do…especially in between writing projects. (I guess I am never really in-between writing projects, as I am always writing something!)

My first and favorite is from my wedding (almost 16 years ago, 1997) …and it is my favorite because it has my Grandpa in the picture (who died in 1998 while I was preggo with Aspie Teen), and it has Grandma too!

By the way, someone gave me that dress (or something that resembled it) and Grandma pulled the whole thing apart and put it back together the way she liked it and in my size!


FREE Kindle download Today & Paperback Giveway at Goodreads!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for following along my journey from childhood through offical diagnosis of my Asperger’s Syndrome.  For those of you who own Kindle devices, I just wanted to let you know that you can download the book FREE today.  So go ahead, click the link and get your copy!

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Starting a New Writing Project–Relationships

Now that I have wrapped up Twirling…Ok well it is still being wrapped up and packaged it is time to look at what is ahead.  I have already begun brainstorm for my  next project.  I have had such a great time blogging this book that I‘ve decided I am going to continue to blog what I write, as I write it.

My idea for the next project is tentatively titled, “How to Love an Autistic Woman: Tips from a NT/Aspie Marriage.”  Since none of the “normal” relationship books I’ve ever read applied to me, I thought I would go ahead and write my own.

This is the plan:  The idea is to pick several relationship topics like communication, dating, marriage, intimacy, sex…etc. and talk about them from both the autistic’s perspective (mine) and the NT’s perspective (hubby’s) to try to begin closing the gap between the two, and hopefully help others who struggle with NT/Aspie relationships.

Warning…this is going to very difficult for me. You see the idea is for hubby and I to take turns writing chapters on each subject, and since I am a complete and total control freak I will need to exercise much self-control and let him write what he feels to write—without correcting him, or telling him what he “should” say.  It may get interesting that is for sure.

So your turn…what do you all think?  Do you like the idea? Any topics in particular that are a MUST to address in this type of book?  As always I hope you all stay with me on this next journey, as your input is always appreciated and desired!

So where to start?

Oh one last thing, please bear with me if I change the theme of this blog a few times before I find something that works for the new project.  I need to figure out a way for anyone who is still reading, or wants to read Twirling…to be able to so do, without it getting all jumbled together with the next project.  I just haven’t figured out how I am going to accomplish it yet.

My Book, Twirling… is now available on Amazon!

First I want to thank everyone who has been following along as I write.  Without all of you reading, I would have easily been distracted and lost my motivation to finish long ago.

I woke up to a sweet email this morning from Amazon letting me know that my Kindle Book (the one I’ve been writing and you have been reading) is now published and available for sale!  Yay! Exciting News, which is why I am up at my keyboard with a PB&J sandwich before the sun and now cannot go back to sleep!

Clicking on the picture should bring you right to the Amazon page.

New Kindle CoverThe paperback version should be available soon (hopefully within a week or so) and I will let you know when that happens.  I suppose now I have no more excuses for not getting started on my next project(s).