Kindle e-book Cover for Twirling…what do you think?

Twirling Naked in the Streets

Kindle Edition Cover

This is what I’ve been working on the past few days, and cleaning up all the typos and missed words throughout the manuscript (oh the fun).  What do you think of the cover? I’m hoping to have the memoir available on Kindle by the end of the month, and in print within the next 90 days.  Tight deadline, a lot of work, and I am feeling like a lumpy blob who doesn’t feel like doing much of anything besides sleeping, and lumping around on the sofa eating ice cream.  Not good!



14 thoughts on “Kindle e-book Cover for Twirling…what do you think?

    • Thanks Carrie, I absolutely intend to I am still figuring out the whole process. (all that fun stuff) I figured since I knew how to get it up on Kindle I would do that first, then add to apple and nook. The paperback will take longer because I am waiting for cover design and all that “other” fun stuff. I thought about release them all at the same time, but I’m impatient. LOL

    • Thank you Catherine, this is my first attempt at designing an e-cover. I was going to have someone who knew what they were doing design it, but I am a control freak after all. 🙂

  1. Wow…. Congratulations! with getting so far with the project already!

    Here is my feedback on the cover: Overall, I like the style. I especially like the picture and the title font. The text looks a bit blurry in the edges, but that might just be the photo. I think there should be a bit more space around the photo, and I would also omit the quote in the bottom of the cover. The white background with some blackish blurriness in the edges gives a gloomy sensation.

    • Thanks Mados. I was wondering about the quote myself. I was following template-like instructions with the whole quote thing…do you think that I should pick a different quote, or eliminate the quote altogether? Maybe use that space for something else?

      • I don’t see an available space there at all:-) Maybe a cultural preference… I am Scandinavian.

        If you want a quote on the cover, then I think you should pick one that is intriguering rather than ‘conclusive’, and one that is non-judgemental:

        Invite the readers to engage in an insightful self-biographical journey evolving along the undiagnosed-asperger theme (which is what the layout and photo suggest) rather than read through a complaint about professional negligence or lack of understanding (which is what the quote suggests).

  2. I love it and will definitely be ordering one for my Kindle. Re the quote; I think I agree that it’s not needed on the front cover, but how about putting ‘And No One Noticed’ underneath the picture, so the little twirling girl is sandwiched between the two?
    Very best of luck with the whole process

  3. I agree that you don’t really need the quote on the front cover. You have already got over the meaning of it in the title and tagline after your name and I think the cover would look better (less busy) with slightly less text. Plus, I agree with another comment that the line spacing of the title could be tighter. I love the photo too. Is it you?? Good job and good luck with it all.

    • That you Tialys,

      I’m appreciate all the input I am receiving! The picture of the little girl on the cover is not me, however, she did remind me of myself. It is a picture I purchased off of a stock photo site.

  4. Its beautiful! I luv it. I’m intrigued as to how you did it n so quickly. Please inbox me when you get a moment xo again, such an awesome thing you’ve done here Xo.

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